Some 40 years ago, Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies) was started through its people collectively working together, sharing knowledge and ideas to create products that would deliver benefits to customers through engineering ingenuity. A business spanning four continents, providing critical technology that’s working 24/7 behind the scenes, ensuring people and businesses can get on with their daily lives.

Ovarro’s connected technology continues to monitor and control critical, national infrastructure throughout the world, it is always there, always on. Secure, proven, trusted engineering. Integrating seamlessly with our clients assets. Collecting and communicating data from remote locations in the most demanding of environments. Ovarro works with customers across water, oil & gas, broadcast and transportation to manage their assets efficiently, intelligently and collaboratively.

The company is headquartered in Sheffield, UK. FFL invested in March 2019. Ovarro is a Laurel Solutions company.

Sector: Industrial Technology
Status: Current, 2019 Investment


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