Enjoy Beer

enjoy beer

Enjoy Beer is a platform created to provide resources on a national scale to a select group of top independent U.S. craft brewers. The company will create partnerships with brewers who wish to preserve their local independence, while gaining shared resources in areas such as marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics, and finance in order to compete with large-scale corporate competitors. Enjoy Beer Partners will share their collective wisdom and resources, and those of craft industry experts, in order to bring competitive strength to their individual craft breweries in an ever more competitive marketplace.

The company was created in conjunction with former Harpoon Brewery Co-Founder & CEO, Rich Doyle. FFL and Rich founded Enjoy Beer in January 2015 and formed Enjoy Beer’s first partnership, with Louisiana-based Abita Brewing Co., in April 2015.

Sector: Consumer
Status: Former, 2015 Investment


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